The Project

This project is envisioned as two films:

(1)        A documentary feature entitled, “The Man Who Wouldn’t be King: John Stewart’s American Spirit” and

(2)        A concert film entitled, “Daydream Believer’s 50th Anniversary: John Stewart’s American Spirit Celebration”.

“The Man Who Wouldn’t be King” will tell the story of John’s struggle for commercial success after his renowned association with the Kingston Trio and, once achieved, his examination of its value and conclusion that drove his career thereafter.  Since John’s great catalogue of songs and recordings are in danger of disappearing with the baby boomer generation, this film project is important in bringing them and his story to a wide audience not familiar with his career, introducing him to a new generation as a consummate songwriter, singer and musician long overdue for recognition.


4 thoughts on “The Project

  1. Can’t remember the year but it wasn’t too many years ago I sat and listened to John when he was here at The Empty Glass in Charleston WV. I had a chance to speak with him and it really made my day. He seemed reluctant when I asked if he would sing Chilly Winds. I understand his contemporary music was that nights set. He did oblige my request and I am thankful to see it could be part of this film. Standing alone or with the Trio he can hold his own with the best. His music is genuine and a National Treasure. Oh and he indulged me with I handed him a tape of original songs that i wrote. I’m sure it ended up in a trash can, but that’s okay with me. I got to speak to and listen to a legend and a personal hero.


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