To promote and keep John’s music alive I am creating music videos to his songs in conjunction with a prototype live concert to be performed by new and established performers and filmed as a companion film to the documentary.  Links to these music videos will posted here on a regular basis.  Check back frequently for new additions.


This rare single version of John’s “Chilly Winds” incorporates pedal steel guitar on the “Cannons in the Rain” album cut. The Kingston Trio and John performed the John Phillips-John Stewart penned song in their many concerts over the decades. If there’s another Stewart song other than “Daydream Believer” someone knows who is not familiar with him, it is likely “Chilly Winds” due to the many folk artists over the years who love the song and continue to perform it. Its universal story of wanderlust, broken hearts and longing for warmer climes guarantees the song a long life. The pedal steel guitar blends beautifully with the harmonica, guitar and strings and adds a nice touch of heartache to the recording.  To See/hear “Chilly Winds” click https://youtu.be/67Hr5WVmAw8


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