As much as a fan of Elvis Presley John was, as a celebrity performer he only had two brief run-ins with the King. Both were when he was a member of the Kingston Trio. One took place in the early 60s in Hawaii when the Trio was performing in the State and the group was tempted with a meeting, only to have Presley basically drive by and wave. The second occurred in Las Vegas where the Trio was performing near the end of the Stewart group. Late one night John was in the Dunes Hotel’s coffee shop by himself when he heard a familiar voice behind him say, “Alone again, Stewart?” He turned around to see Elvis with four showgirls in a booth. Tongue-tied, John could not carry on a conversation. That was the last he saw or heard from Presley until years later when he received a phone call from RCA Records, which both artists recorded for at the time. Elvis reportedly warmed up backstage by singing “July, You’re a Woman.” Although he never recorded nor sang the song onstage, the RCA rep was now saying that Elvis would like John to write a song for him. Thus, “Runaway Fool of Love” came to be. Although Elvis never recorded the song, John did a number of times including this studio version arranged by Lindsey Buckingham.  To skip to “Runaway Fool of Love” go to 35:57 on


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