Arguably John Stewart’s 1970 album, “Willard,” may be his finest example of Americana music. If author John Steinbeck recorded a music album this would have been it. Although the recording of the album began in fits and starts, the final product is one of my favorites–and first John Stewart album I discovered. In fact, he signed and gave me a copy at an industry performance at Universal City in the Alfred Hitchcock Theater. I really can’t put into words the impact his music had on me when I first heard him. But it touched a very deep place in my soul, as I know he has many of you over the years.

The album was engagingly produced by Peter Asher who brought along his friends Carole King and James Taylor. The album features–among many famous musicians–Fred Carter, Bryan Garofalo, Doug Kershaw, Chris Darrow and Bill Mumy. John Andrew Tartaglia provided the orchestral arrangements.  To View “Willard”/”The Oldest Living Son” click https://youtu.be/-jxfqfap3c4


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