As many John Stewart records and CDs I purchased and concerts I attended over forty years, I never came across “One More Town.” That is until I started researching this documentary project on John two years ago. Upon hearing the song for the first time on the Kingston Trio album, “Something Special,” I thought I was the first one to discover gold, until I found out that the song charted in 1962 and the Trio and John had sung it over the years. John even recorded it with Nick Reynolds in the mid-1980s for a cassette/CD (one of the few of John’s I did not own) and the two sang it in a series of club dates during this period. One of these was at a venue in Santa Monica near my home which I was also not aware of and managed to miss. A home video recording was made at the time which I was able to recently view. The two men’s voices on “One More Town” sounded much as they did 25 years earlier (although Bob Shane was missing). John and Nick’s great friendship was on display as the two kidded each other mercilessly and it was deeply moving to see and miss them.

“One More Town” features a large string section and it works very well on the recording, playing counter to and off the acoustic guitar particularly during the musical bridge. According to John he worked with arranger/conductor Jimmie Haskell to make the arrangements organic to the songs. It pays off here. A SIDE NOTE: a list of recording personnel for the vocals and rhythm session includes two fiddle players, but they are nowhere to be found on the mix. It’s possible once the large string section was recorded the fiddles were deemed unnecessary. To see “One More Town” go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFl45ev11fU&feature=youtu.be


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