John Stewart first recorded his song, “Cody” with his future wife, Buffy Ford in 1968 for their duet album, “Signals Through the Glass.” Although the album did not sell well, the song proved almost as durable as his “Mother Country” and a popular fan favorite when performed live over the following decades. As such, John and Buffy again sang and recorded “Cody” in front of a large audience in 1974 for John’s seminal “Phoenix Concerts” album. This is the recording used here. John and Buffy sing passionately about a man who helped forged the American West, now largely sick and forgotten at the beginning of the 20th Century. I can’t recall who it was, but John acknowledged that “Cody” was based on a real person, although it wasn’t Buffalo Bill Cody. To create this song visually I have used a number of photos of explorer-reporter Captain Jack Crawford who, coincidentally, resembles Buffalo Bill and was a friend. Both men died within two months of each other in 1917 from kidney failure. Captain Jack had quite an interesting life of his own and several books have been written about him. Take a quick course on his history by looking him up in Wikipedia here at

To skip to the “Cody” music video go to 38:56  on the timeline at


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